Specializing in
Fine Finishing
for 30+ years.

We have extensive experience on both commercial and residential painting jobs in Colorado Springs, so reach out for a quote today!

Our Team

Having worked his way up through the industry, owner Ricardo Toscano now oversees a proficient team of qualified and talented painters. Toscano has cultivated crews to provide excellent service, quality, and clean working environments through effective processes that have been developed over the decades of experience gained while contracting / subcontracting on thousands of job sites! 

Premium Product

We pride ourselves in using some of the highest-caliber paint products on the market for every job we encounter.

Finest Finishing

Using these products allows us to achieve the best possible finish across all mediums.

Our Process

Toscano Custom Painting works hard to provide an idyllic finish and sheen to every paint job taken on. To ensure the best results, extra care, time, and precautions are taken with every quote so that customers can rest easy knowing that even with the most meticulous detailing job, the onsite Toscano team can handle it.